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Author Topic: Nefarian Heroic Discussion  (Read 9113 times)

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Re: Nefarian Heroic Discussion
« Reply #25 on: 05/19/11, 07:42 PM »
a vid of the strat we're using

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Re: Nefarian Heroic Discussion
« Reply #26 on: 05/19/11, 07:56 PM »
Watched a few more videos, if you get MC'd in p1 or p3 and a crackle is about to go of, KEEP IT, it doesn't hit you, and thats like 600k the healers don't have to waste mana on

I thought about this myself, but if you're not a healer you should probably be staying as long as you can in that mode anyway. That said, if you're a raid healer that's not really doing anything until a crackle goes off anyway, and one is about to go off, yeah you should probably spare yourself the damage.

Speaking of this, make sure to watch cleaves/indirect damage. You never know when people might have to come out of Dominion mode, and I sure hate the thought of taking 40-50k damage while MC'd, then coming out and eating a crackle.
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Re: Nefarian Heroic Discussion
« Reply #27 on: 05/19/11, 08:22 PM »
The positioning we're using for the two dragons in p1 is used for a really specific reason: it is difficult to maneuver mobs of that size, and the locations to which we pull are equidistant from the central healing/range clump. This also offers the healers who are focusing on the p1 add tank (who dumps the adds directly north) to minimize their movement away from the dropped trap/earthbinds as well as the melee clump and tanks so that if need be they can milk a few stolen powers if they feel they are able to handle it. Everything essentially revolves around our own familiarity with the encounter with logical placement based on the slightly altered heroic encounter mechanics, and isn't very likely to change since 1 second of damage difference isn't worth the issues we would have with throwing off our usual rhythm.

Basically, our only worry once you herps stop derping interrupts and cinders in p2 is going to be intelligently breaking mind controls in p3. There is a level of complexity to this because you don't ever want to come out of an MC and immediately eat a tick of shadblaze + electrocute, or get hit with a tail lash while in a blaze, or ever ever ever get hit by a frontal cone breath / cleave. We can worry about really going nuts out on damage by maximizing stolen power potential in p3 once we're butting up against enrage, but for tonight lets focus primarily on survival and keeping all 25 people up for 10 full minutes on that fight.
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