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Author Topic: Forum Guidelines  (Read 1823 times)

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Forum Guidelines
« on: 03/31/10, 12:49 PM »

   Welcome to The War Council Forums!

   Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind when using our forums.

   User Accounts:

             If you play World of Warcraft, please make sure your account name is the same as your main character name. If you're a former member from Everquest, please chose an account name that we would recognize. You can contact Zebrimuri if you already created an account and want the username changed.

             If you have a World of Warcraft character, please associate this character with your account. You can make this happen by customizing the following link ( http://www.twcgaming.org/toon/Server_Name/Character_Name ) for your server and character name, and then clicking on the "Associate toon" link. For instance, the link for Zebrimuri on Silver Hand would look like: http://www.twcgaming.org/toon/Silver Hand/Zebrimuri

             If you're either a current member of <The War Council> in WoW or a former member from Everquest, please contact Zebrimuri to get your user account access bumped. 

             Avatars are allowed upto 100x100 and 300KB. Animated gifs aren't supported.

             Custom signatures are supported and are encouraged, but please do be mindful of the fact that large, flashy and overwhelming forum signatures break the continuity of threads.

   Forum Rules:

             Don't post pornographic material.

             Don't advertise in these forums, except for game-related items and tradeskills.

             Don't spam the forums.

             Don't post real-life information about another person.

   Beyond the two simple rules above, our forums are largely unmoderated. No subject is considered off limits, but please make an effort to post content in relevant sections of the forums.