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Author Topic: Info for Mistah and Storm: mManno and mArchi  (Read 261 times)

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Info for Mistah and Storm: mManno and mArchi
« on: 08/23/16, 09:39 PM »
*not real formating so enjoy*
Boss Placement Notes:
If Manno's left foot is on or over the outer ring. Folks will get pushed over the edge even when they are back against the pillar.  ESPECIALLY during Phase #4  If he moves.. always check placement.  If you do get pushed over while tanking, keep running towards the boss.  He may summon you if you get pushed over right at the end of the channel.

Phase #2
 - Pull. Paladin move back until Manno's left foot close ot the outer most ring but not over.
 - Bob #1 - Generally dies to ring. Warrior Tank wil have time to run out the explosion and taunt during Combo #1
 - Combo #1 on Paladin
 - Boring time
 - Combo #2 on Warrior
 - Bob #2
 - Combo #3 on Paladin
 - Taunt boss after your return to reduce dmg on Warrior who may have Bob #2 and Boss

Phase #3
 -  Warrior taunts boss. Paladin helps soak healer wrath(10-15 stacks)
   - Paladin depending on how fast we are pushing, you may not be able to use any long cooldown personals during this time.
 - Paladin retaunts boss 8-10s before Combo
 - Warrior helps soak healer wrath stacks
 - Combo #4 on Paladin happens during an ugly cluster.  Fears/Imps. Timers are not 100% accurate for this event
  - I will usually Arcane Torrent the Imps at this point.
 - Bob #3 - Dooms
 - Combo #5 on Warrior. Bob#3 still active
 - Push to phase #4 around here. May see another Combo on Paladin

Phase #4 - Time for Tanks to die.

The Tank order can change depending on when we pushed into Phase #4. Generally let Warrior tank pick as Paladin has more toys to play with.
Major tank changes... Combos include a cleave/cone/short term stun. Face it towards the raid for a quick wipe.  The Pillar does dmg when to close.  1 Tank in front and other to the boss's left.  Dont cone the raid :)
Taunt timing is rough during the Combos as the boss may still hit the original tank with the 2nd Glaive even when you have threat.
Event Order will be:
 - Combo #1
 - Shadowforce #1 ~20s after Combo #1
 - Combo #2 ~5s after Shadowforce #1 ends.  Rough combo.. Major CDs needed
 - Cobmo #3 ~30s after Combo #2
 - Shadowforce #2 ~10s after Combo#3

Paladin Notes: *Bring the cooler and lounger.*
Lvl 30 Talent: First Avenger.  Hortah "loves" it when Noobshield rips threat on the Bob.
Lvl 60 Talent: Spellwarding to negate pillar dmg or Massive Blast  OR Double steed if you have trouble getting pushed off.
lvl 90: Final Stand - used during Phase 4 Shadowforce. negates dmg and controls the boss.
Trinkets: Libram and WUE - handles spikes better then other combos.  slight more dmg taken overall

Preparing for each major mechanic:
Phase #2 & #3 Combos: pool 2 SHotR charges. Chain them 4-5s before combo.  The spikes hurt more so smooth the dmg taken prior to combo and have AM up during Combo to avoid the debuff.

Phase #4
Personal CD usage will depend on how many Empowered Shadowforces are cast. Trial and Error time

Shadowforce CDs
Spellwarding: LOL the dmg
Bubble + Final Stand: LOL the dmg. The boss won't move during the channel and you can get back within melee range before he moves. Keep trying to run forward to abuse the client/server movement predictions
Guardian: Better used during Combo
Ardent Defender: Better used during Combo

Combo CDs: ALWAYS ShotR into the Combo.. Ideally you will chain 3 charges starting 6-8s before Combo
If Combo #1 and #3
#1) Ardent Defender. Healers generally have more time to top you off before and after this combo. If you get forbearance, you will NEED to use Guardian during EmpShadowforce #1
#3) Guardian : You have 10s to recover before empShadowforce #2

If Combo #2..
#2) Guardian + Ardent: Easy mode it

Ring usage will vary depending on how many mechanics we during Phase #4

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Re: Info for Mistah and Storm: mManno and mArchi
« Reply #1 on: 08/23/16, 11:16 PM »
*Really shitty desc*


 - Paladin - Pull.. Steed at 1sec. Dont let him move.. if he does try to drag him back then swing his facing to have the orb in position.
 - Blow all DPS CDs and Ring on pull.. you wont need them for awhile

 - Steve #1 - It will be active for awhile. Dmg will ramp with the debuff.
 - Warrior taunts boss
 - Desecrate #1: Should ALWAYS be on the left side of the boss.
Phase #2 - Order varies depending on DPS
 - Steve #2 dies quickly
 - Wrought Chaos
 - Shackle Torment
 - Overfiend may spawn before Steve #2.
 - Steve #3 - Dies quickly
 - Wrought Chaos
 - Shackle Torment
 - Steve #4

If you have Overfiend, Steve #3 And Shackle.. good time to Guardian. Everyone will be moving while you take a beating.  Save Arcane Torrent for an Overfiend interrupt while moving. Same for Noonshield if possible

Phase #3
Paladin - Yellow/Melee Left
Warrior - Orange/Melee Right

Warrior starts on Archi

Infernals: Stay near the boss if you are tanking it. Grab one that is nearby

Source Not Target: Save taunt for Source.  WAIT until you see the green beam before taunting. Stay within Melee range
Source Target: Save Steed until you get pushed back aways. Double Steed.. Good

Stars: Largely they die before you do much.. Focusing on tanking.

Dance: Anytime there is a "back", Warrior can get it.  If not Bubble+Final Stand is handy.  Spellwarding(if you dont take double Steed) as well.

Rough sync("Blow everything call") decent time for Guardian just to make it easier and it will let you use Sera/Ring/Pot
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