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Author Topic: Draenor Nemesis Quests  (Read 269 times)

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Draenor Nemesis Quests
« on: 08/12/16, 04:56 AM »
Turned on my Alliance account to pick up old transmogs and such, and now's a perfect time to knock out Nemesis quests. So far it's just Jed and I with Alliance toons, if you have one and wanna help out and finish your own achievements, would be appreciated. If you don't have Alliance toons and you just need the quests, that's fine too, need 5 people on each quest to speed it up. Don't forget to build a level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum, if you don't already have it.

Currently Have:
Night Elf
Human (Jed - pally rezzer)

*90 boost I haven't used yet, and can boost something else if someone has Pandaren covered.

Still Need:

Time wise, I was thinking Sunday at 7 if that works for people, or we could push it to another time cuz short notice (didn't think of it til tonight).
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