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Author Topic: Nand's Everquest Update Thread  (Read 1433 times)

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Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« on: 06/22/15, 11:49 AM »
Since I somehow got completely hooked on EQ, I decided to make a thread where I can just update my game progress and pretend like someone is paying attention. If you're actually reading this, you're definitely wasting your time.

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #1 on: 06/22/15, 12:32 PM »

I've been playing the game for about a month now, but only with consistency the past two weeks. Sleeplessness at night has led me to some weird middle-of-the-night grinding sessions. Fortunately, less people are on during those hours, and I've been able to take advantage of some nice, calm camps.

Nandarie is once again my main, and she hit level 17 last night. It's a fairly big deal, because 17 is a pet level, and pets are EXTREMELY overpowered in the current game. She can probably kill as effectively as the entire rest of the team combined. Gear wise... well, that's another issue. Pretty much cloth in every armor slot, and a few pieces of jewelry here and there.

Which brings me into tradeskills. Rather than push for MAXIMUM LEVELS AND GEAR ASAP, I decided to instead focus on Nand's tradeskills. This led me to spend a lot of time in Beholder's Maze (Gorge of King Xorbb) where Muddite Elders have a chance of dropping bricks of ore. I turned those bricks into Metal Sheets for future banded armor and took her smithing skill to 37. I also got a FUCKTON of clay which mostly cluttered my inventory and forced me to raise pottery (useless skill) to get rid of it. So Nandarie's pottery is at 102.

Tailoring is in the 20-30 range, jewelrycrafting is at 30, which allows me to craft basic newbie jewelry. And baking is somewhere in the 50's. It may not be efficient to raise all my tradeskills as opposed to buying upgrades, but when it comes time for Coldain Shawl quests... bwahahaha! :)

As for the rest of my team... Lagspike the cleric is 15 with a Shiny Brass Shield. Nandladin is a 14 warrior with a bunch of empty gear slots. I am currently farming gnolls in Highpass, though, and they have dropped some large ringmail pieces for him to wear. That's helping a good bit. Unfortunately, melee is waaaaay underpowered right now, and he can't even hold aggro off a non-attacking bard singing songs. He has gotten his 1hb and 1hs skills both maxed, though, and recently learned to dual wield, so life is getting a bit better. It's just a shame that taunt is so shitty at lower levels. Warriors do need gear to be effective, and his Minotaur Axe and Bronze Hammer combo aren't cutting it. I am trying to camp a Polished Granite Tomahawk, but no luck yet. :P

Nodance brings up the rear as a 14 bard. Due to aggro concerns, she normally sits in the back and plays songs without attacking. She's still useful simply for selos when traveling, though. Also, she is now working up 1hp skill as her mainhand is a dragoon dirk. Yeah, that's right! I got a dragoon dirk! Someone trained D'Vinn to the CB zone when Nandarie was there, I got lucky landing a few spells, and solo'd him at level 16. That dirk is my best piece of equipment so far. :p

Anyway, that's my current update. Hopefully I can get up to making banded armor and electrum jewelry for the team soon and approach level 20 so I can start to camp the loot droppers in Befallen and other similar zones.

Also, I may make an attempt at recruiting some players in the near future. That would be pretty damn badass. :)
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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #2 on: 06/23/15, 12:19 PM »
I'm rather amused at how aggro-heavy those bard songs seem to be; I have this image of music-hating monsters going, "Oh wtf, that one's SINGING??? KILL HER FIRST!"
You want to burst them instead of having to stack DP via FoK with Ass!

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #3 on: 06/23/15, 02:18 PM »
The funny thing is that bard songs used to be like zero aggro at all. In fact, I specifically never got the aggro reduction AA's on my bard, because I would use her to tank in DoN instances using aggro-heavy DoT songs.

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #4 on: 06/24/15, 12:07 PM »
I'll put mine here for funsies.

I am awful at choosing a main. The last time I was able to make a clear-cut choice in an MMO was probably the bard I made in the original EverQuest. Every game since then has been a struggle to stay focused.

I started on Ragefire with an Enchanter. My favorite part of the bard was crowd control, so it seemed liked a good choice. But it didn't stick. Visions of grouping and CCing my way through levels were dashed by an 18 month old that constantly interrupts my playtime. Grouping was going to be a rare luxury for me, so I needed to pick something that could solo and had the ability to afk at a moments notice. I needed feign death.

So I switched to Shadow Knight. By this time the thread on these forums had picked up steam and I saw what other folks were making. It sounded like a tank would be needed, and SKs were supposed to be able to solo, and feign death.

Melee is a hard life with no box support. And we were now going to reroll on Lockjaw. So I decided to go with a Necromancer. The premiere soloist and feign death. Overpowered pet without being the trendy Mage.

But man, it was nice when I got SoW from a shaman. And the world is so big. I sure wished I had ports in my future. Ok, I spun up a box druid. In addition to SoW and ports I'd be adding heals, cheap snare, harmony and additional dot power.

It's a good duo, fear kiting or just tanking on the necro works great. Worked my way through North Qeynos/Qeynos Hills into Blackburrow. Holy shit I'd never seen Blackburrow so crowded. It seems like it was always full, but still under the population that would trigger spawning another instance of the zone. I fought for spawns long enough to get both characters to level 10 so I could head to West Karana and start grinding bandits.

That's where I'm at now. The bandit spawns are not how I remember. Harmony works fine to pull singles, but in some cases when Harmony wears off the mobs in the camp suddenly "remember" I pulled their buddy and now I'm training the whole camp to zone.

Makes me want the enchanter again...

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #5 on: 06/24/15, 02:15 PM »
Oh man, I saw there is a pretty badass caster robe quest involving Karana bandits. We should knock that out for both of us.

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #6 on: 07/02/15, 11:00 AM »
Just got this in a work email, so I'm spreading the news:

-- THURSDAY, JULY 2 @ 3:00pm EDT --

Extended E3 2015 Press Demo: Campaign Creation and Dungeon Master Tools Revealed for First Time
Livestream Giveaways: Tune-In for Chance to Win Exclusive Sword Coast Legends Swag
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Sword Coast Legends earned numerous E3 2015 awards and nominations, including
•   Best RPG of E3 2015 (Nominee) – Game Critic Awards
•   Best in Show, RPG (Nominee) -- IGN
•   Best in Show (Nominee) -- Game Informer
•   Best RPG of E3 (Winner) -- MMORPG
•   We Love It (Winner) -- The Escapist
•   Best Mac Game of E3 (Winner) -- Technology Tell
•   Best PC Game (Nominee) -- Gamer Headquarters
•   10 Best PC Games -- PC World
•   Editor’s Choice -- Nerdist
•   Best Game We Played at E3 (Winner) -- PC GamersN
•   Best Role Playing Game (Winner) -- Metaleater

WHAT:  Join n-Space President and Sword Coast Legends Game Director Dan Tudge as he and the development team provide fans with an extended 30-minute look at the press-only demo from E3 2015 featuring first ever public reveals of campaign creation, dungeon master tools and much more!
Tune in as an adventure is created and modified in real-time and watch as four players work together to try and overcome the challenges of the Spider Caves and the monstrous Demon Web Terror.
Also, the team will give away some exclusive swag in celebration of a successful E3 2015!
Livestream Participants:
•   Game Director, Dan Tudge
•   Design Director, Tim Schwalk
•   Community Manager, Ash Sevilla

WHEN:             Thursday, July 2 at 3:00pm EDT
WHERE:           Sword Coast Legends Livestream:  http://www.twitch.tv/SwordCoastLegends

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #7 on: 07/02/15, 11:34 AM »
Reported for not EQ.

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #8 on: 07/02/15, 11:41 AM »
god damned wrong thread, fail nand

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #9 on: 07/02/15, 07:47 PM »
NAND doesn't fail he just succeeds in an unexpected direction.
When I show up to raid nights I am there to have fun, not to have a tantrum-prone, know-it-all diva decide to show up on some nights and detract from my enjoyment of raiding.

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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #10 on: 07/02/15, 08:49 PM »
He felt pretty good about this thread
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Re: Nand's Everquest Update Thread
« Reply #11 on: 03/20/16, 09:23 PM »
Sup you baby eater. <3