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Author Topic: Member vs Raider (NEW APPS PLEASE READ)  (Read 1796 times)

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Member vs Raider (NEW APPS PLEASE READ)
« on: 09/13/14, 12:42 AM »
There has often been confusion in the past on how we handle Member apps vs Raider apps. This post is meant for you to know the difference, what to expect when apping, and how we expect you to app.

As far as Member rank is concerned:

Member is a rank generally reserved (with rare exception) for RL friends and family, or often friends of established raiders that came from dying guilds on other realms, and just want to still be able to chill with said raider buddies. We keep it this way so we don't just have any random person representing our guild tag.

Generally speaking, we want even those that aren't Raider rank to not represent TWC like a complete retard. Most people already in this guild come here to get *away* from people that act and type like 12-year-olds, so letting someone like that in is rather counterproductive. You will probably put forth a good impression as a "rare" exception if you don't fill out your application like a total mong. For the most part, the officers handle these apps on a case-by-case basis.

As far as Raider rank is concerned:

We're usually looking for those whose gear and experience are comparable to ours, barring the beginning of the first tier of an expansion where both of those curves are essentially reset. Unless you completely blow the minds of those that share or frequently play your class/spec (or of course, your particular spec is *sorely* needed), it's likely we won't want to invest the time gearing you, especially during progression.

And not unlike Member rank, if you fill out your app and your prose gives us the impression that you eat paste, your chances are pretty diminished.

Lastly, if you don't know what a raid parse is, you're probably not what we're looking for. And for the love of god, use Imgur for your UI picture. Photobucket is ass.
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