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Author Topic: EQ Journal - Veksar  (Read 2471 times)

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EQ Journal - Veksar
« on: 01/03/13, 06:19 AM »
Since my last post, I've had some pretty crazy adventures in EQ. There were a lot of painful experiences in Mistmoore and a chaotic excursion to the Black Reaver in City of Mist. But as our characters begin reaching the point where we can talk about raiding, we realized that the shit gear we've been picking up along the way isn't going to cut it. Our pursuit of new gear had us looking toward some of the game's less-frequented zones, and that's how we found our way into Veksar.

Veksar is located under the central lake in Lake of Ill Omen. It is guarded by high level goblins and simply finding the entrance can be a real hassle. Once inside, you swim up into the ruins of some sort of creepy temple guarded by goblins and fearsome undead. Since Veksar was revamped well after the Kunark expansion, the challenge is greater than most Kunark dungeons, but the loot rewards justify the risk.

In the picture I posted, you'll notice a ramp headed up the right side. At the top of that ramp is a safe room with no spawns, making it an excellent place to start exploring the zone. You can pull the goblins from below (including a rare-spawn goblin soothsayer) or take your chances with the higher-level undead inside the temple.

And as I mentioned before, these dudes look totally fucking crazy:

Anyway, I started by myself in this zone. My main is a bard, and i multi-box an enchanter, a cleric and a warrior. My group lacks dps, but has enough cc, buffs and debuffs to handle pretty much anything within reason. I pull on the bard, pick up a mob with the warrior, cc any extra adds on the enchanter and the cleric keeps the group alive. Then I slow the enemy and slowly nuke him down with the enchanter and cleric DPS team.

My strategy was working very well here. There are five undead that are easy single-pulls and one room with four mobs that can easily be split into single or double-pulls. I gained a few levels and got my entire team into the Kunark hell levels (51+) where experience starts going veeeeeery slowly. My cleric also learned a resurrection spell that returns 90% of lost experience, so that was fucking awesome.

I also managed to pick up some very nice int-caster shoulders for Nil's wizard. They have cold-resist, so I imagine they'll help us kill Lady Vox in the future. Additionally, I looted a bunch of nice 1-handed swords for anyone with a melee alt.

After a few hours, a named mob spawned in the undead area.

I figured, "What the hell, I can take him. I've got a great team and I'm steamrolling here." So I took my bard and pulled Champion Karnak toward the group...

Well, the first thing I noticed was that Karnak was immune to the slow song my bard uses to pull. This was the first enemy I'd encountered that was flat-out immune to slows, and, in retrospect, I should have realized something was up. But I continued with the pull.

The second thing I learned was that he consistently casts an AE poison rain that hits 3 times for 570 damage per hit. Considering my group has about 2000hp buffed, this was problematic. It was over quickly, and in the confusion, I also learned he was immune to crowd control and to stuns as well. Fun...

So, I sent Nil a steam message, and when he got off of work, he headed over to help me corpse recover and grind a bit of experience. Nil plays a wizard main and multiboxes a paladin and a druid - this means I don't have to worry about tanking and that shit dies very fucking fast. We got off to a good start and Nil started gaining some much-needed levels - reaching level 50 on his paladin.

We were killing shit so fast and were running out of enemies, so I began pulling a bunch of goblins from down below. We were also chatting it up with Ayedin and having a good time. Then something weird happened... as we blasted down a goblin, this other dude suddenly popped up:

The first thing I said was "LOL!" I thought it was funny that he spawned another goblin - more experience was always a good thing.

Then second thing that I said was "WTF???" after that Goblin used the same AE as Champion Karnak and wiped our group in a matter of seconds. Apparently, goblins in this zone have a rare chance of shouting for help and summoning a super goblin to kick the shit out of you... bravo Everquest... bravo...

A couple of really cool things happened in this debacle, though.

1) My entire group ended up at their bind points except my enchanter. Somehow, she ended up in South Qeynos (a zone that she's never been to) and was stuck under the world. The goblin hit her so hard she somehow bypassed her own bind point...

2) Nil's paladin, Lunarocean, purple-clubbed himself with Lay of Hands. For those who have never played EQ, it's hard to express just how incredible this is. When someone goes between 0 and -9hp in EQ, they are knocked unconscious. Usually they'll get hit again or bleed to death, but if they receive a heal, they will pop back up and continue fighting. "Purple-clubbing" someone referes to a healer who times his heal so perfectly that the player goes unconscious (and his health bar turns purple) before popping back up.

Paladins also have this awesome ability, Lay on Hands, which instantly heals a player to full health. It is on a one-hour cooldown, so it only gets used in emergencies.

Lunarocean took aggro from the raging goblin, noticed he was about to die, hit Lay on Hands and somehow managed to purple club himself. Considering that you can't use abilities while unconscious, it means that LoH was hit right before he went purple and procced in some bizarre split second of latency without the game being able to register that he was unconscious and the ability shouldn't work.

I played EQ for six years, and I never heard of anyone managing to do this. Even though Lunar died 10 seconds later anyway, it was the stuff of legends. Truly, no heal is impossible for Nil.

Aaaaaaanyway, we corpse recovered and got in another hour of grinding (plus a couple of caster belts from the soothsayer) before Champion Karnak respawned. We decided to take another shot at him - Lunarocean would tank him in a far corner down the hallway. We would hope his AE couldn't reach us, my cleric would chain complete-heal him from max range, Nil's druid would spot heal, the enchanter and wizard would use DD spells, and the bard would play a poison resist song while using the awesome drums we got back in Mistmoore, hoping that some of the AEs could be resisted. Lunar was only level 51, and this enemy was level 55 - that's a huge disadvantage.

Lunar pulled, and this guy hit fucking hard. Lunar resisted some poison damage, but his health was still shooting down every time an AE went off. I was micromanaging mana on my cleric, sitting as often as I could and trying to time Complete Heal to land as efficiently as possible. Karnak had a truckload of hp (25k, more than some raid bosses) and was going down very fucking slowly.

"LAST CH!!!" I shouted with Karnak down to 30% life. Nil then took over and used his druid to chain pump heals into Lunar (who was also healing himself). Both the enchanter and wizard were chain-casting their best nukes, and if either one took aggro, we were ready to suicide run to the corner to save the rest of the group. Nil's druid ran oom with Karnak at 15% life, but had bought me enough time to regenerate mana for one more cleric heal.

With both healers out of mana and Lunar about to die, Karnak was at 8% life. That's when Nil's wizard happened to land a massive crit for over 2000 damage, and the fight was over. My hands were shaking hardcore like the first time TWC killed Void Reaver. It's been more than a year since I had that feeling from a game, and Nil and I needed to take a half-hour break afterward just to calm down.

That intense battle earned us this nice piece of loot:


The combination of charisma and int made it a perfect piece for my enchanter, so I'm really stoked. :) But more importantly, winning that fight gave us a feeling of vindication - we finally got revenge on that fucking zone and did something really cool.

Our plan is to return to Veksar in the near future; possibly bringing two groups to the dungeon just to see how far we can get. None of us have spent much time in this zone before, so we have no clue what to expect (which just adds to the excitement).

We're also planning on raiding one of the game's first two dragons (Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox) in the next week or two. If we can take them out, we'll unlock the Velious expansion and all the challenges of that wasteland. Expect a write-up on those raids whenever they occur. =)

Finally, for those who are curious in following our adventures, we have moved websites to the following address:


edit: One final note - I noticed that my cleric's last name looks a bit weird when I /exit out of the game on all my characters :p

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Re: EQ Journal - Veksar
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/13, 12:06 PM »
Loving these stories; I totally have to get around to getting everything set up properly and trying this out sometime.
You want to burst them instead of having to stack DP via FoK with Ass!

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Re: EQ Journal - Veksar
« Reply #2 on: 01/03/13, 12:34 PM »
+1 on the website: Plane of Nostalgia!

I'd be interested to hear what people think about it and the forum. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

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Re: EQ Journal - Veksar
« Reply #3 on: 01/03/13, 08:09 PM »
+1 on the website: Plane of Nostalgia!

I'd be interested to hear what people think about it and the forum. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
Sure is better than the shit we're using. >.>