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Author Topic: EQ Journal - Unrest  (Read 7298 times)

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EQ Journal - Unrest
« on: 12/08/12, 01:40 PM »
(If you're sick of hearing about EQ, you don't need to read this. It's my blog, it's interesting to me right now, and I am playing it with TWC members.)

We've been playing EQ off and on for a few weeks now. We're still hashing out some server-setting issues - for example, there was a laughable setting that limited our server to having only five zones loaded at one time. We've had to put in a lot of effort slowly learning the game's controls, settings and UI as well as third-party software like Macroquest2, WinEQ and isBoxer.

Throughout this process, we've also been working to farm up gear for each other. In particular, Nil was working on his paladin's blacksmithing skill and managed to get it up high enough to make a bunch of banded armor (which is better than the cloth or nothing that most of us were wearing). He also helped me get my warrior alt over to greater faydark, dying once in the process and losing a bunch of exp. I worked on the warrior a bit and eventually had four characters I could run simultaneously and kill things by myself when no one else was around.

Last night, I took two of my characters (bard and cleric) along with two of Nil's (paladin and wizard) and two of Nixx's (ranger and shaman) as we ventured deeper into the undead Estate of Unrest. The goal was to reach the top or reach the bottom and find some sort of decent loot.

[[[[[[ THE ESTATE OF UNREST ]]]]]]

The furthest we'd ever gone in the zone was to pull enemies (and one named mob) to the zone in. As we quickly cleared out this area, one thing became very clear - playing EQ with more people is more fun. When you can play less characters and concentrate on what you're doing, the entire experience becomes more enjoyable. And with our attention split between two characters each (instead of 3-4), we were very effective. Nil's overpowered wizard was particularly crazy and could sometimes one-shot weaker mobs.

We started pulling red-con mobs from the second floor (red-con means they can kick the shit out of you), but our group was able to handle them and experience was flying around. We found a fireplace room to camp at, meaning the group would stay there while my bard pulled enemies back to the group. We started clearing around and things were going well aside from a weird bug that kept us in combat and prevented out-of-combat mana regen from kicking in. In retrospect, this was probably caused by a quest npc who didn't attack us but his pets did. Whenever we encountered this bug, we all had to camp out and log back in to clear it.

After we had gained a level or two each, I decided to start clearing the third floor. There was no map or any real way to tell where we were going - we were just exploring and hoping. I did manage to find one empty room with nothing but a torture device and a pile of bones, so that was weird. On the third floor, I came across an ordinary door and opened it... and saw approximately eight yellow-and-red con enemies in the room. I shut the door and walked away casually... nothing seemed to aggro. So I went back to the group to pull in a different direction... and that's when the entire room came after me and wiped the floor with my bard. I started camping my cleric out immediately (takes 30 seconds). Nil's paladin tried to buy me some time and died in the process. Nil's ranger hit the floor while he said "fuck this" and gated his shaman back to Greater Faydark. My cleric's camping was interrupted with about 10 seconds left, so I hit invulnerability as Nil's wizard and my cleric created our first legitimate TRAIN TO ZONE!!! since we started playing again.

Death in EQ is dangerous for us because we don't have any high level necromancers yet to summon our corpses (and gear) after a wipe. Luckily, unrest's mansion is rather small, and skirting around the outside with Invis-to-Undead, we were able to target the corpses and drag them back to the zone line where my cleric resurrected them with her super-powerful rez, saving 10% of the experience we lost!!!!!!!.........

After resurrection, we went back and explored more of the third floor. There, we found a weird mob...

Past that giant hand, we found the famed balcony camp, where we could pull enemies safely and... if there was a possible wipe, jump off the roof and run to the zone in.

We camped here for the rest of the night. We found the placeholder for the boss at the top of the zone and killed her once. I also managed to aggro that entire room again while doing this, so the group got to watch me pull a substantial train from the safety of the balcony. After about 20 minutes, the named boss spawned... sort of...

EQ eventually put in "Fabled" mobs to make old content more interesting - higher level versions of old named mobs that dropped super-cool loot. This would have been great if the Fabled Knight of Unrest wasn't fifteen levels higher than us... so that sort of killed our chances of taking him down. :(

We spent the rest of the night killing shit at the balcony. We picked up some nice bronze armor for Nil's paladin and my bard, and I was able to pass on some of my old banded armor to Nix's ranger. We got some nice rings for Nix's shadowknight alt, as well. On the final pull of the night, we also discovered that I had been pulling a placeholder to a named that we didn't even know existed. We got his common drop - a Savant's Cap, and nil took it for his badass overpowered wizard. Sadly, that cap is probably the best item on the server so-far.

By the end of the night, we were overloaded with loot. I had to keep asking Nix for a strength buff so I wouldn't be encumbered while pulling. I *really* need to find more strength gear. =/

Overall, we grouped for about 2.5 hours and gained roughly six levels of experience. We are now high enough level to start thinking about going to Kunark (Lake of Ill Omen!) or camping the spires in South Karana (Quillmane cloak!!!). We may also come back to unrest to take down the Knight of Unrest or maybe even figure out how to get to the even-more-dangerous bottom of the zone. If we die down there, we're fucked.

I will say that the coolest thing about tonight was watching ourselves slowly grow in power and able to take on increasingly difficult challenges.
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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
« Reply #1 on: 12/08/12, 03:13 PM »
One more thing I'd like to add:

I *really* missed playing a MMO in first-person. It does a much better job of getting you into the game's atmosphere, and you can feel the tension and danger surround you.

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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
« Reply #2 on: 12/08/12, 03:18 PM »
One more thing I'd like to add:

I *really* missed playing a MMO in first-person. It does a much better job of getting you into the game's atmosphere, and you can feel the tension and danger surround you.

I heal LFR in first person now heh (except when I want to see my treant/xmog).

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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
« Reply #3 on: 12/08/12, 03:41 PM »
Yeah. One negative of WoW's fantastic camera system is that, since everyone plays the game in third-person, you don't get to see many narrow passageways that inspire feelings of claustrophobia. There's something visceral about being wedged in a closet-sized space, hoping enemies don't notice you.

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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
« Reply #5 on: 12/08/12, 03:48 PM »
While they were doing that, I went from 1-17 on a mage in 3 hours.
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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
« Reply #6 on: 12/08/12, 03:53 PM »
Rad's leveling up spams a /shout message. Since /shout shows up in red text, I kept thinking I had fucked up a pull and something was killing me. :(

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Re: EQ Journal - Unrest
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What the fuck is this and how do I join.