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Author Topic: [1.03] Blizzard Fixing the Bullshit that is Inferno Acts II-IV  (Read 804 times)

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1.03 to include:

  • + Doubling drop chance or iLvl 61-63 items in Inferno Act 1 (18%, 8%, 2% respectively)
  • + Monster damage scaling with more players being reduced
  • + Damage and health of monsters in Inferno Act II, III and IV readjusted
  • -/+ Elite packs guaranteed to drop at least one rare now at 5x NV
  • - Bosses to drop a reduced number of guaranteed rares at 5x NV
  • - Level 60 repair cost to be increased 400-600%
  • - Reducing IAS on items (potentially)

and more:

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Nothing about rez timers being fucking retarded and nerfing IAS will absolutely cripple demon hunters on already-fucking-annoying reflect damage mobs. IAS is also really fun for everyone (hello frenzy barbs), I don't know why they would nerf it when they could just scale down damage in other ways.

The ilvl change literally won't substantively alter the way people are playing anyway; the people who have cleared Inferno are either A) doing siegebreaker runs if they are a DH, or B) still doing Act1 runs for gold so they can buy shit from DHs doing siegebreaker runs and because they are easy as fuck with no chance of dying. Oh, and their point about taking some tips from hardcore players is fucking laughable unless they want every single person in their game doing nothing but farming goblins all day every day.

These guys don't seem to have a good grasp on what is actually going on in their game aside from very basic ideas of how difficult the game has been for people who couldn't abuse the chests in act2.
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This is pretty much how Inferno is now

And with these changes, I expect it to look something like:

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I laughed pretty hard
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I was itching to get some legitimate D3 playtime when I got back to my computer this entire time I've been away, but with all these depressing Inferno gold-treadmill comments going around, I'm not even sure if I'm motivated enough for it anymore. Like, what the fuck am I gonna do once I actually get to Inferno? I don't have the goddamn patience to farm gold and mess with the AH. I wanted to just fucking farm bosses for everything from set pieces, uber one-off items and runes/gems the way I used to in D2 but it doesn't sound like that's possible in D3. Makes me sad. :(