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Author Topic: I blame the following on mass transit..[Moved to preserve]  (Read 254 times)

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after listening to three psuedo-intellectuals discuss various religions and their impressions on their various prayers for 30 mins on the Max.  I bring the following..

Lord Radz, we login here today in your shadow.
You are our raidleader and goaler.
Your rage binds us together in fear, shame and subjugation.
Let it gather our community together now and in MoP.
Give us the loot to go beyond our poor play,
and while we look to the future let us not forget that we all stood in fiery poo.
Show us the errors of our strat, who is standing to close and who needs to GTFO.
Guide us to see the spec that might help our dps catch upto Jone.
We are joined here to extend our epeens which binds together the previous tier,
the current tier and five point 0h.
Help us to do our part in maintaining the continuity of the raid.
We are a group of nerds from all generations.
In closing, everyone just remember "Unfuck This!"
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Re: I blame the following on mass transit..
« Reply #1 on: 05/22/12, 02:27 AM »
Yay, I am He, the alpha and the omega.

Also, lol, dude. That is great.
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Re: I blame the following on mass transit..
« Reply #2 on: 05/27/12, 05:29 PM »
Related; I had a short dream last night that involved TWC wiping out all of Godspeed in the Gurubashi Arena, before which the following exchange happened:

Drecker: "I have an army."

Me: "We have a Rad."
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