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Author Topic: Trinket EP Estimates (for Straiker)  (Read 4302 times)

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Trinket EP Estimates (for Straiker)
« on: 12/08/11, 10:34 AM »
Based on our discussion of the K. Sigil last night, I went this morning and decided to do some napkin math on the new trinkets.  Calculating uptime based on several WoL parses revealed that both the Hungerer and the Matrix Stabilizer effectively provide the same amount of secondary stat as they do Agi, so I'm guessing that Starcatcher Compass works the same way.  Using my current EP values (from Shadowcraft) of 2.8 for Agility and 1.59 for haste, I calculated the various trinkets as follows:

Wrath of Unchaining (880 Agi): 2464
LFR Wrath of Unchaining (780 Agi): 2184
Starcatcher Compass (used 458 Agi, 458 haste): 2010.62
H Hungerer (433 Agi, 433 haste): 1900.87
K. Sigil (381 Agi, 458 haste): 1795.02
Matrix Restabilizer (406 Agi, 406 haste): 1782.34
LFR Starcatcher Compass (406 Agi, 406 haste): 1782.34

Couldn't do an EP estimate on the other trinket due to the damage proc, but since it's physical damage (i.e. reduced by armor), I'm guessing it won't stack up particularly favorably compared to the Starcatcher Compass.

Yeah, I'm definitely buying the necklace and ring, not the trinket.
You want to burst them instead of having to stack DP via FoK with Ass!