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Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Radzeal on 09/26/17, 03:58 PM »
My little brother had an Xbox one... I had no other choice.
Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Altair on 09/26/17, 01:12 AM »
Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Radzeal on 09/25/17, 11:53 PM »
gamertag on xbone: madzeal
Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Jedrilm on 09/25/17, 03:14 PM »

Figure that the PC launch date means we'll probably get a more complete version of the game, since they'll have like 1.5 months to iron out all the day 1 bugs and bullshit with the game.

Doubt it, we'll get some stupid bugs for atleast a week. Also gaem needs to hurry up and come out.
Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Zonty on 09/19/17, 11:42 PM »
Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Nixorrell on 09/13/17, 12:11 AM »
Next month 🅱
Other Games / Re: Destiny 2
« Last post by Mistahmastah on 09/12/17, 09:59 PM »
So are we officially a Destiny 2 guild now?
Other Games / Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath
« Last post by Stormaker on 08/04/17, 04:14 PM »
PoE 3.0 hit today, gonna try it out. If anyone wants to link up and play some, lemme know.

I don't know anything about the new stuff, I haven't played since the beta, but there's apparently like 6 new acts.
Other Games / Dungeon Siege + LOA
« Last post by Stormaker on 08/03/17, 08:32 PM »
It recently came to my attention that the LOA expansion for the Dungeon Siege got axed on Steam because of some sort of copyright issue. So I downloaded the old ISO's and cracks and shit and then uploaded it to my google drive so that I could share it with my brother who had never played it.

For those that don't know, Dungeon Siege is basically just a dungeon crawler where you control a party of up to 8 dudes and siege some dungeons and eventually save everyone, yay.

Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwZSWQv5OUGkd1dJNEdGbTBvOXM

IDK how long I can leave it up on Drive, but if you want it, feel free to grab it. Or if it stops working, let me know and I can upload it somewhere else.
General Discussion / Re: Warcraft: The Movie: The Thread
« Last post by Haseo on 07/12/17, 07:26 AM »
Pressing buttons is hard, ok?
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